Gift Bags and Souvenir Bags – A Guide

No event is complete without going home with something to show for it. The food, the music, the dance, the location and the ambiance are all essential, but a day later what do you have to show for all your owambe hustle?  

Just Pictures?

Nah, you need gifts and souvenirs and memorabilia. And what can be better than a bag? A tote, a folder, a cosmetic bag, a laptop bag…any bag

There are many types of bags you can use for gifts, but there are things to ponder before you select your souvenir.

Major things to consider when choosing a Gift Bag

  1. Event 
  2. Budget
  3. Guests
  4. Wow factor

1. The Best Souvenir Bags for a Particular Event

No matter how much you admire a particular bag, you must choose a bag that suits the occasion.

Unique yellow conference folders

Conference Folder

While these folders  are beloved by all clients who have ordered it, choosing it for a wedding gift would be inappropriate.

Red and black seminar bags

Seminar Bag

For corporate events, stick to neutral colours of the company colours. Reds, Blacks and Blues work out well for formal events.

Totes and pouches are very appropriate for weddings, bridal/baby showers and other very happy events. In addition whimsical pieces, like genitalia shaped purses are perfect for hens nights and bridal showers.

For the men, maintain dull colors unless specifically requested not to, or you are hosting an artists event. Barber kit bags and wallets are cliched, but are perpetually beloved mens’ gifts. For the religiously inclined e.g. gifts for a church convention, consider bible bags

2. Your Budget and the Gift Bag

Gucci cosmetic purses would be a winner at any event, but can the celebrants really afford to give that out. The cost of the gift is an integral part of selection. 

Chuga Cosmetic Variety Pouch

Gift Cosmetic Pouch

Fortunately, there are numerous low cost products such as pouches and wallets you can order for less than N1,000 each (approx $2.5). These cosmetic pouches are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics, shapes and sizes. Best of all they are easy to repurpose to unisex use as pencil cases or key storage bags or just about anything.

Totes and shopping bags are also available in a range of costs, from the basic fabric canvas tote to Jeans and Ankara Totes.  Also even if you want ethnic bags, and want to include african print, you can decide to include strips instead of entire panels. 

Another way to get a more cost effective souvenir package is to negotiate with the vendor long before the event and heed their advice. For example, Jute bags are a perennial favourite in Nigeria, but the raw materials are not locally manufactured so the prices fluctuate, if your event is holding at a time when jute is expensive, choose another material. 

3. The Guests! Who are getting these bags?

As a mother of the bride, would you appreciate a roll up pencil case as a wedding souvenir? Or would you prefer a beach bag for the necessary days of rest after the hectic days of the event? As an wedding planner, would you give the same gifts to male and female, old or young. Would you give out formal totes at a 10 year olds party?

souvenir choices

Choosing Souvenirs and their recipients

Well of course you could do all the above and call them whimsical gifts, but here are some of the more routine guest and gift bag matching winners based on past orders.

The whimsicals are things like pineapple bags for a fruit lover, or themed kiddies gifts. Although we usually get those orders for the young (and young at heart), a few events like bridal showers thrive on gag gifts.

There is also a tradeoff between the celebrant and the guests. While the celebrant may love swimming and wants to give out gym bags for swimming wear, there is a need to consider if the guests have any desire to do anything sports related. A beloved choice is something neutral like gift travel bags – appropriately sized for the age group.


4. The Very Special Ones

Then there are the wow bags. The ones that raise eyebrows at airports and on the roads.

Ankara Laptop Bag

The ones that you will never see another person with, like this unique mixed Ankara Laptop Bag. One of these bags takes up to 30 hours to painstakingly produce. and each bag is unique as the Ankara mix is unique.

Giving out these at an event will raise the oomph factor to the roof! Or you can decide to give out gift bags branded with the celebrants favourite club or motif.

Designed Jute Tote Bags

A basket of veggies for a health farms promotional bags or a vampire theme for a blood collection centers giveaways. 

Or perhaps Jute souvenir bags done up with symmetrical concentric brand prints. Te best thing about the WOW bags is that you get to choose accesories and other tidbits that will make them totally unique


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