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How to Choose the Perfect Souvenir Bag

Souvenir is a French word that means remembrance, or memory. Souvenirs are meant to be mementoes or keepsakes. You retain a souvenir, not for its intrinsic value, but for the memories they bring. When we have events we usually put our gift items in souvenir bags.

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The Harry Meghan Wedding

In Nigeria, a wedding is remembered greatly for the souvenirs given out. In fact, some guests “time” the souvenirs, then move on to the next event.

Souvenirs could also be an investment.

The Wedding Goodie Bag given out at the Royal Wedding was sold on ebay for a minimum of 50 pounds!

Why do we Give Out Souvenir Bags?

These bags are a very popular gift as they can serve multiple purposes. They are used as gift packs for the party goodies and could also be a gift in their own rights.

But how do we ensure that these bags can bring back the memories of the event to our guests? Choosing the perfect souvenir bag is a science and an artform.

Souvenir Bags – Tips to Consider

  1. Durability

The bags should be durable: many times we pick lightweight transparent nylon bags for children’s parties, but these bags are easily torn into and sometimes the gifts fall out of the torn places before the guest gets back home. Your ideal souvenir bag should be made of lasting material.

  1. Branding

Chuga Gym Bag

The bags should be of a material that can be printed on or designed. The perfect souvenir bag should be branded with details of the event.

Ten years from now, it would be great for someone to look at that souvenir bag and tell a story they remember from that event. It could be something as small as the initials of a birthday child.

For the extremely discrete, a small label could be made on the interior of the bag and the printing made there.

  1. Consider the Theme and Colours

The bag should match the colours or theme of the event. Souvenir bags are to jog the memory.

Colourful Tote

The colour of the bag should match the event, and even the shape can be designed after the theme of the event to make it more memorable. Perhaps in the shape of a cake for a wedding souvenir, or a bra set for a hen party.

We recently made a bag for a football party. It was a gym bag with the celebrants name made into a crest and sewn on one end.

  1. Usefulness

The bag should be useful. Everyone loves a bag that can be used over and over again, and not just for recycling purposes. All our clients speak of the joy they feel when they see friends and family using the souvenir bags bag. A good souvenir bag should be handy for storing items, taking walks, shopping, sleepovers or even long journeys.

5. Budget

This is a no brainer. We make bags costing anything between N500 per bag to N2,500 per bag. Maybe someday someone will want genuine gold trimmings on a bag and the cost will go into thousands. However, whatever your budget, you can discuss options and come to a satisfactory agreement. Just don’t demand Namibian Ostrich feathers on a N1,000 bag

So, do you have an upcoming event and you’re wondering what sort of bag to use as a souvenir? You could use almost anything; makeup bags, pencil cases, totes, travel bags, backpacks, even diaper bags. Check out our store for unique designs and options. And contact us for even more unique souvenir bag ideas.

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7 Essential Tips to Make your Real Leather and Suede Bags Last Longer.

Fahad Faisal: Creative Commons

When you purchase a real leather bag, it is with the intention of it lasting forever, or at least until you get sick and tired of it.

Real leather is valuable after all, and so is suede. So it is important to know how best to care for your leather bag. There is no use buying a treasure if you are not going to be careful with it

7 Tips to Preserve your Leather and Suede Bags

1. Fragrance-free baby wipes:

Use this to wipe the outer side of your bag. Make sure it has no alcohol on it so it does not damage your bag.

2. Leather conditioner:

You can use the same conditioner for shoes or buy the special bag leather conditioners. With consistent use, these help to prevent cracks in the leather.

3. . Baby Powder:

Surprisingly, this humble prpduct can remove oil stains and help maintain your bag. Sprinkle some powder on the oil spot and leave overnight. In the morning, wipe clean with a soft cloth. Repeat this procedure nightly until the stain fades out.

4. Pencil eraser:

Another humble item, the universal school bag staple, the eraser, can remove dirt from real suede bags. Use soft erasers and rub gently.

5. Soft brush:

This can be used to brush off the dirt that gets on the bag. Use brushes sold for suede shoes or convert makeup brushes or those for cleaning innards of your electronic devices.

6. Rubbing alcohol:

This can get out ink stains, but test it on a hidden area first to know how corrosive it might be before working on a conspicuous area. Please use this with caution and only on hidden areas.

7. Dust bags:

These are the best way to preserve your bag. Place your original leather and suede bags in dust bags and keep in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause fading and cracking.

Try not to place your bag on the floor or on dusty surfaces, particularly if the bag has a light colour. And avoid putting in things that can stain the inside or are rather heavy for the straps, this is a common problem with totes.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy your bag for a long time to come!

Although Chugabags does not currently produce real leather bags, contact us today for your faux leather bags and worry less about damage.

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Seasonal Totes – Latest Souvenir Bags

Its always a season- Christmas, Sallah, End of school year, wedding, a birthday or you just want to celeberate yourself for a job well done.

And all these call for latest souvenir bags. We have our idea of what the season demands, buy we want to hear from you.

Options for Souvenir Bags

Should we make red and gold bags only at Christmas? Should we use plain cotton to create birthday party totes that you can customize and stuff to your hearts delight?

Chuga Jeans and Ankara Tote

Or do we reserve the elegant latest Ankara bags for wedding souvenirs? The real question is what do YOU want? What colours? What fabric? The more finiky you are, the better the final bag. So we love that you have exactments.

What kind of Bag do you want?

Drop us a line now, let’s create the latest souvenir bags with and for you?