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7 Essential Tips to Make your Real Leather and Suede Bags Last Longer.

Fahad Faisal: Creative Commons

When you purchase a real leather bag, it is with the intention of it lasting forever, or at least until you get sick and tired of it.

Real leather is valuable after all, and so is suede. So it is important to know how best to care for your leather bag. There is no use buying a treasure if you are not going to be careful with it

7 Tips to Preserve your Leather and Suede Bags

1. Fragrance-free baby wipes:

Use this to wipe the outer side of your bag. Make sure it has no alcohol on it so it does not damage your bag.

2. Leather conditioner:

You can use the same conditioner for shoes or buy the special bag leather conditioners. With consistent use, these help to prevent cracks in the leather.

3. . Baby Powder:

Surprisingly, this humble prpduct can remove oil stains and help maintain your bag. Sprinkle some powder on the oil spot and leave overnight. In the morning, wipe clean with a soft cloth. Repeat this procedure nightly until the stain fades out.

4. Pencil eraser:

Another humble item, the universal school bag staple, the eraser, can remove dirt from real suede bags. Use soft erasers and rub gently.

5. Soft brush:

This can be used to brush off the dirt that gets on the bag. Use brushes sold for suede shoes or convert makeup brushes or those for cleaning innards of your electronic devices.

6. Rubbing alcohol:

This can get out ink stains, but test it on a hidden area first to know how corrosive it might be before working on a conspicuous area. Please use this with caution and only on hidden areas.

7. Dust bags:

These are the best way to preserve your bag. Place your original leather and suede bags in dust bags and keep in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight. Sunlight can cause fading and cracking.

Try not to place your bag on the floor or on dusty surfaces, particularly if the bag has a light colour. And avoid putting in things that can stain the inside or are rather heavy for the straps, this is a common problem with totes.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy your bag for a long time to come!

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