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Best Fabrics for a Tote Bag

Which Fabric should I use for my Tote?

This is a question we get frequently as we interact with clients.

To tote means to carry, so a tote bag is a bag for carrying things. The tote bag is built to be capacious and easy to sling over one shoulder. These bags come in various shapes, sizes, materials and designs. Since it is a serviceable bag, sturdy fabrics that don’t require much cleaning are the best for creating tote bags. Totes are a perrenial favourite as souvenir bags, as they can be made in a wide variety of fabrics, sizes and colours.

Popular materials include:

Canvas material:

This is a durable fabric used to make shoes, bags, tents and sails. Artists also use it for painting. It is usually made of made of cotton, linen, or hemp. It differrs from Jeans by having a plain weave rather than a twill weave. Canvas is stronger than Jeans


Denim is a sturdy cotton textile used for making jeans trousers, shirts, skirts, tops and dungarees.

Chuga Jeans and Ankara Tote

The most common denim is indigo denim. Jeans iseasy to wash than canvas and may be lighter. Totes made from Denim can be quite fanciful and include pockets and trimmings.

Creating totes is a great way to upcycle used denim.

Drapery fabric:

This is a fabric that is used for window treatment. Drapery fabric is any fabric that will hang well. It has to be soft and supple, and be able to drape. But also be durable. Totes made from drapery fabric flow well and are quite pretty.

Upholstery fabric:

These are fabrics used to cover furniture and they are made to last long under strain. Making totes from upholstery is perfect if you intend to log heavy items around. A wide variety of materials can be used including leather, horsehair and wool.

Ankara fabric:

Ankara and Leather Laptop Bag

This is 100% cotton fabric with vibrant patterns primarily associated with Africa because of its patterns and motifs. It is also known as African wax prints, Holland Wax and Dutch wax. Ankara fabric screams afrocentric, and can be used to create stunning bags and clutches.


Creating the Bag

A bag is rather more than the outer material, so after picking the material to create your tote, we can help you pick the best fabric for interfacing and lining the bag.

In addition, its always great to mix fabrics and textures when creating bespoke bags. You can use one material or a mix to get a style that is unique for your corporate, funeral, wedding or birthday souvenirs, or just for personal use.

Send us a message today and let’s make you a set of totes that’s uniquely you!

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Seasonal Totes – Latest Souvenir Bags

Its always a season- Christmas, Sallah, End of school year, wedding, a birthday or you just want to celeberate yourself for a job well done.

And all these call for latest souvenir bags. We have our idea of what the season demands, buy we want to hear from you.

Options for Souvenir Bags

Should we make red and gold bags only at Christmas? Should we use plain cotton to create birthday party totes that you can customize and stuff to your hearts delight?

Chuga Jeans and Ankara Tote

Or do we reserve the elegant latest Ankara bags for wedding souvenirs? The real question is what do YOU want? What colours? What fabric? The more finiky you are, the better the final bag. So we love that you have exactments.

What kind of Bag do you want?

Drop us a line now, let’s create the latest souvenir bags with and for you?