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How to have a memorable event on a budget

All the Do’s

Planning an event, be it a wedding, naming ceremony, meetup or conference, might look daunting to an individual or budding enterprise, particularly with limited resources. There seem to be so many details to cover, from food to publicity to souvenirs. At times you begin to blame yourself for starting the event in the first place.

In Nigeria of today, an event must be remebered within your social circle. A Nigerian wedding must be talked about. A lagos wedding must hit social media. But with these few tips, you can truly have an event that befits your reputation and leaves some money in your account.

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Have a budget: Have a good idea of the things you will need and how much they will cost. Draw up a reasonable budget, and stick to it. It is often advisable to sit down with someone who has gone through the same experience to have a chat. For example, you will surely budget for food for a wedding, but would you remember to set a small sum aside as gratis for the ministers? Or an honararium for the choir?

Have set goals for the event: Know what you want to achieve with the event. Define your goals clearly and keep it in mind throughout the planning process. Leave the Joneses alone. Don’t even try to compete.

Be creative: don’t get bogged down with conventional methods. For example, instead of buying ready made souvenir bags, you can easily get one designed uniquely for your event. Or instead of using a hall for your event, you could use a garden or restaurant, depending on the mood you would like to set. Uttimately, if you have some space in your home or office grounds, and the season is favourable, you can host an event there.

Even More Do’s for a memorable event

  • Use tech: Technology has helped make so many things easier. You can register participants for the event, communicate easily with them and give updates quickly, all via the internet. Use whatsapp or any other social media messaging platform to send out invites. Gone are the days when you had to travel from Sokoto to Yenagoa to share IVs. Print less, Save more as electronic documents have also helped reduce printing costs for even
  • Use your Social Circle No one says you must patronize a caterer trending on Instagram, or buy party favours from Iponri Market, talk to your friends and relatives and take a chance. You would probably get very good value for money and also bank goodwill.
Surely you don’t need such a dramatic photographer
  • Take Pictures
    Once the event has started, go on a phototaking spree. The idea is a memorable event on a budget and pictures keep the memories going. Have a professional photographer, then conscript an army of phone weilders, you would be happy you did.
  • Measuring Event Success Determine how you will measure the success of the event: How will you determine your return on investment? Is it a basic get-together where you want to encourage bonding or a business meeting to connect stakeholders or a launch where you plan to build awareness of your product and make a profit?
  • Follow up: It is important to get feedback about the success of the event. This way you can gauge what worked and what didn’t and what to keep or change in the future.
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